Current/Upcoming Courses:
  • Dynamics and Control of Bipedal Robots (CDS 270-2), Caltech, third term (taught in 2017). 
  • Nonlinear Dynamics (CDS 232), Caltech, second term.
  • Nonlinear Control (CDS 233), Caltech, third term.  
  • Hybrid Systems: Dynamics and Control (CDS 242), Caltech, third term (not offered every year).

Past Classes Taught:  (complete discription here:  CV)
  • Nonlinear systems (ECE 6552), Georgia Tech, graduate level course.
  • Capstone Design (ME 4182), Georgia Tech, Senor level undergraduate course .
  • Engineering Laboratory (MEEN 404), Texas A&M, Senior level undergraduate course.
  • Dynamics and Vibrations (MEEN 363), Texas A&M, Junior level undergraduate course.
  • Design of Nonlinear Control Systems (MEEN 655), Texas A&M, Graduate course.
  • Dynamic Systems and Controls (MEEN 364), Texas A&M, Junior level undergraduate course.
  • Introduction to Dynamics (CDS 140A), Caltech, Senior undergraduate first year graduate course.