Main Areas of Interest: Bipdal robotics, hybrid systems, Zeno behavior, proshtetic devices.  Theoretical foundations with practical applications to human inspired bipedal walking,
  • Hybrid mechanical systems with a special emphasis on bipedal
  • Hybrid stability theory and its relationship to Zeno behavior
  • Hybrid geometric mechanics with a focus on hybrid geometric reduction and geometric control
  • Hybrid topology, geometry and homology
  • Novel Applications such as Prosthetics
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Videos Summarizing my Research

Note: More videos can be found on my youtube page:

Highlights of research at AMBER Lab:

Multi-contact locomotion on AMBER 2

Human-inspired locomotion on AMBER 1


SLIP based human-inspired control on ATRIAS (joint with Dr. Hurst at OSU):

CLF based QPs realized on MABEL (joint work with Dr. Grizzle at UMich):

Full-body coordination and mobility on Valkyrie (Joint work with NASA JSC):

Human-inspired 3D Robotic walking on NAO:

Translating robotic walking to prosthesis (Joint work with UIUC, RIC, Northwestern):